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Terms and Conditions

I keep this short and simple.  Please do have a quick read.


Images of my artwork must not be reproduced in any form without my prior consent.

I retain full copyright on all artwork that is produced, including photography, mock-ups and prints.  This means I can create prints and other products using the image of the artwork created.


When an artwork is commissioned, I reserve the right to display it in my website gallery and on my social media pages. Clients who do not wish their commissioned portrait to be shown online must notify me before work commences.


Where you provide a reference image for my use, it is your responsibility to ensure these images are not held under copyright, or subject to rights-management or royalties. Reference images submitted must be free to replicate, otherwise permission should be obtained from the relevant party in advance.  

Privacy Policy

I will not sell, share or distribute your personal information to any third party, for any reason, ever.

VAT and import duty

My artwork is not subject to Value Added Tax.  


If you are outside of the UK, payment of import duty may be required in some countries.  This is the sole responsibility of the client.

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