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Rogues' Gallery

Are you wild about wildlife conservation?
Do you love dogs?
Do you believe art speaks to the soul?

If you're nodding along enthusiastically, then you are going to love Rogues' Gallery.

Rogues' Gallery combines a passion for wildlife, dogs and art! And it's one way I'm making a small contribution to conservation efforts through my art.  

I'm gifting this collection of six original pastel portraits.  It celebrates some very special conservation superheroes who have sadly crossed the rainbow bridge.

This is the series so far.  You can be the first to hear about the new additions, and the amazing legacy and life of each of these dogs by subscribing to my newsletter. 

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The Rogue Dogs

If you're curious about what makes a conservation superhero...then read on!
Rogue Dogs have an obsessive need to play fetch.  Their energy makes them extremely challenging as pets in a home environment. Most end up as “rogues” in dog rescue shelters.

But by tapping into what makes these dogs tick, it is possible to give these rescue dogs a happy and fulfilling life as scent detection dogs.

Each dog has a “Bounder” - a detection dog handler and field scientist. Once trained, these amazing Rogue Dogs can scan large areas using the power of their noses to sniff out the scat of endangered or at-risk species.

Species detected through these non-invasive surveys include the pangolin, wolf, cheetah, orca and many other endangered species world-wide.

You can find out more about the wonderful work of Rogue Detection Teams here.

Here are the portraits. The beautiful description of each of these pups comes from J.L. Hartman, Co-Director of Rogue Detection Teams.

H. Smith, Co-director of Rogue Detection Dogs

"I am speechless! Your artwork is unreal! He looks so lifelike! I feel like I'm stuttering to come up with words to type I am so in awe. Wow! Your skill and generosity are humbling. I can not thank you enough. Simply beautiful!"
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