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Have you ever experienced a serendipitous moment that made your heart sing?


That’s exactly what happened just as I put the finishing touches to this vibrant kingfisher artwork.


The winter sun had made a rare appearance and was dancing on the water as we walked our dogs, Rudi and Rocco, along the riverside. Little did I know, nature had a surprise in store for us that morning.


Would you believe it? A magnificent kingfisher, its hues of sapphire and emerald

fluttering across our path - a sight so rare and breathtaking, it felt like a dream

whispered by the morning sunlight.


And so, "Sapphire Surprise" was born. This title not only captures the mesmerising

beauty of the kingfisher but also the sheer astonishment and joy of our unexpected



Take a moment to look at this vibrant artwork and be reminded that in the midst of our everyday routines, magic sometimes awaits just around the river-bend.

Sapphire Surprise

  • Coloured Pencil and Oil Pastel, 26cm x 19cm

    Photo credit: Pexels


    Medium Print

    Image size: 29.7cm x 21cm 

    Paper size: 42cm x 29.7cm


    Large Print

    Image size: 29.7cm x 42cm 

    Paper size: 48cm x 38cm


    Giclee print, unframed and ready to mount in a standard sized frame.

    The portrait has been printed onto acid-free Fine Art paper (25% cotton, 75% alpha-cellulose).   This paper has a beautiful velvety, textured surface and a natural white base.  In combination with the top quality pigment inks used, your print has a life of more than 85 years.


    20% of profit from each print will be donated to Secret World Wildlife Rescue.


    Please read FAQs for full information.

  • Free delivery on all UK orders.

    Free delivery on all non-UK orders over £100.

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