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This striking black and white portrait captures the elegant side profile of a cat, set against a misty, background. "Purr-fect Focus" is a visual delight and a celebration of the beauty and grace of our feline friends.


Owning this print means bringing a piece of award-winning art into your home.  The original piece won a prestigious Best Beginner Award in the 2022 SAA Artist of the Year, a recognition of its captivating detail and artistry.


Every delicate whisker, every soft contour of the cat's fur, is thoughtfully rendered. The misty background adds an air of mystery and serenity, drawing the viewer into the cat’s world of quiet contemplation and perfect focus.


Whether you're a cat lover or an art enthusiast, "Purr-fect Focus" is a timeless addition to your collection. The monochrome palette emphasises the cat’s serene elegance, making it a stunning centrepiece in any room.


Let "Purr-fect Focus" remind you daily of the beauty found in stillness and the art of truly seeing.

Purr-fect Focus

  • Pastel, 25 x 35cm


    Medium Print

    Image size: 29.7cm x 21cm 

    Paper size: 42cm x 29.7cm


    Large Print

    Image size: 29.7cm x 42cm 

    Paper size: 48cm x 38cm


    Giclee print, unframed and ready to mount in a standard sized frame.

    The portrait has been printed onto acid-free Fine Art paper (25% cotton, 75% alpha-cellulose).   This paper has a beautiful velvety, textured surface and a natural white base.  In combination with the top quality pigment inks used, your print has a life of more than 85 years.


    20% of profit from each print will be donated to RSPCA.


    Please read FAQs for full information.

  • Free delivery on all UK orders.

    Free delivery on all non-UK orders over £100.

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