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This snow leopard cub portrait is both a poignant reminder of the challenges facing this endangered species and a hopeful symbol for their future.


Part of my ongoing series, “Fragile Futures”, each piece within this collection portrays the young of endangered species, symbolising the delicate balance between destruction and renewal.


Inspired by the elegant beauty of the snow leopard and motivated by my concern for their vulnerable status, this artwork captures just some of what is special about this majestic big cat.


Notice the subtle play of light and the hint of sparkle on the cub’s whiskers. I used gentle strokes to capture the velvety softness of the cub’s fur.


And let's not forget the oversized paws of baby snow leopards! Snow leopards rely on their wide paws as natural snowshoes, yet here, I am hinting at a deeper significance. 


With "Fading Footprints," my intention is to highlight the urgent need to protect and preserve these magnificent, elusive creatures, ensuring that their footprints continue to grace the snowy peaks for generations to come.

Fading Footprints

  • Pastel, 43cm x 41cm

    Photo credit: Tazi Brown


    Medium Print

    Image size: 25.4cm x 25.4cm 

    Paper size: 32cm x 32cm


    Large Print

    Image size: 30cm x 30cm 

    Paper size: 37cm x 37cm


    Giclee print, unframed and ready to mount in a standard sized frame.

    The portrait has been printed onto acid-free Fine Art paper (25% cotton, 75% alpha-cellulose).   This paper has a beautiful velvety, textured surface and a natural white base.  In combination with the top quality pigment inks used, your print has a life of more than 85 years.


    20% of profit from each print will be donated to The Big Cat Sanctuary.


    Please read FAQs for full information.

  • Free delivery on all UK orders.

    Free delivery on all non-UK orders over £100.

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