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Fragile Futures

Fragile Futures is an intimate series showcasing the young of endangered species.  It invites you to reflect upon their vulnerable state and the challenges they face, whilst celebrating the beauty and innocence of these young animals.
Take a moment to immerse yourself in this poignant series and let its quiet power resonate within you.  By appreciating and spreading awareness, you contribute to a legacy of compassion and conservation that will help protect these extraordinary creatures for generations to come.
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"Bad Hair Day"

The first in the series is this beautiful baby orangutan.

I was inspired by the wide, curious eyes and innocence of the baby orangutan. The emotional bond as she nestles in the arms of her mother depicts the deep emotional connection within Orangutan families.

And with her wild, flyaway hair, the adorable baby primate seems to be having a "bad hair day”. But here's the twist - is it really just about the orangutan, or could it also be a playful nod to my own creative journey?

"Bad Hair Day" celebrates the whimsical nature of both orangutans and the artistic process. And perhaps it's a reminder that in the face of challenges, both in art and in life, we can find beauty and joy in the unexpected.

"Bad Hair Day"

Pastel (35 x 50cm unframed)

Reference photo: Tazi Brown

"Fading Footprints"

This snow leopard cub portrait is both a reminder of the plight of this endangered species and a beacon of hope for their future.  


I was inspired by the graceful beauty of the snow leopard and this pastel artwork is one of my largest to date.  I loved the lighting and my favourite part of my portrait is the hint of sparkle on the cub’s whiskers.  I used gentle strokes to create the velvety softness of the cub’s fur.  It was wonderful to play with the transitions between warm and cool hues to create depth and interest in the piece.


And I love that huge paw of the baby snow leopard!  Snow Leopards use their enormous, wide paws as snowshoes.  But here I wanted it to take on a more poignant meaning. 


In creating “Fading Footprints”, I hope to highlight the urgent need to protect and preserve these magnificent, elusive creatures, ensuring that their footprints continue to grace the snowy mountains for generations to come.

Fading Footprints
"Fading Footprints"

Pastel (43 x 41cm unframed)

Reference photo: Tazi Brown

A cheetah cub is the most recent addition to my Fragile Futures series. This intimate composition invites you to embrace the delicate beauty and vulnerability of the cub.


His soft, fuzzy fur tempts you to reach out and feel its velvety texture. But it is the wide, sparkling eye that captivated me. It speaks of a world brimming with curiosity and untamed wonder, where each fleeting moment holds the promise of boundless exploration.


I invite you to reflect upon our shared power to shape the fate of these elegant creatures. 


Like unwritten chapters in a story, their future hangs in the balance, determined by our collective actions and choices.


Together, we hold the pen, ready to craft a tale of hope, resilience, and harmonious coexistence.  Let’s make it a story where the cheetah's spirit roams forever free from the shadows of extinction.


"Unwritten Destiny"

"Unwritten Destiny"

Pastel (21 x 30cm unframed)

Reference photo: Tazi Brown

Nicola Slator

"Unwritten Destiny has come home.
Your artwork is stunningly beautiful - and the story behind is a heart-warming tale."
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