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I've had an unconventional journey to discovering my love of art.  I studied science at school and moved into research after my PhD in Chemistry. In my late twenties I decided to move into the business world and qualified as an accountant.  I spent more than twenty years in business and only found art when I retired from corporate life.

Animals have been a constant in my life - we had a lovely siamese cat who watched over me as I grew up.  Fast forward through the pet-free years of university and a spell working in the U.S to when my husband and I rescued a wonderful Persian cat.  He was our baby and spoilt rotten for his 16 years with us. Since retiring, we've welcomed two beautiful Hungarian Vizslas into our lives.  I've also been very fortunate to travel to many amazing places and experience some wonderful wildlife moments.   And so I have tonnes of inspiration to create animal art.  


I work in both coloured pencil and pastels and have won awards in both of these media.  Pastels bring a beautiful rich, vibrant quality to the pieces whilst coloured pencils offer a wonderful soft, subtle result. 

I live in a village in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside in the UK with my husband and our two beautiful dogs, Rudi and Rocco.

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